Stella Nandawula asks forgiveness from mom and Public

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“Stella Nandawula apologizes to mom and Public”

Everyday, new stuff emerges as Nandawula’s mother appeared in several interviews accusing Bryan White of kidnapping and torturing her daughter a few weeks ago. Nandawula, however, says that she influenced the allegations and asks her mother to forgive her.

For close to a month now, Mr.Brian Kirumira has been in the headlines after his former secretaries and workers including Stella Nandawula and Vivian Mutanda accused him of kidnap, torture, rape and failure to pay their salaries.

Stella Nandawula withdrew her allegations as she revealed t whatever was alleged by the other girls and herself was intended to extort money from the city moneybag.

Nandawula, however, asks for forgiveness from her mother whom she says raised her as a truthful and honest girl. She apologized for making her mother lie after she appeared on several interviews pinning Bryan White to the numerous allegations.

“I ask for your forgiveness. I told you things that weren’t true and you said things you didn’t even have proof of just because I told you so”.

Stella Nandawula and Vivian Mutanda have been working as Bryan White Foundation secretaries since 2018, with evidence of pictures and videos, the public seems not to trust any words coming from these two ladies anymore.