Artiste Bayiga Jovia speaks out



Interview By Ken Lubz

Qn, Tell us about yourself

Ans, am called Bayiga jovia, Ugandan 22 years old, am an upcoming musician

Qn, What kind of music style do you do?

Ans, I do dancehall/band music

Qn, Out of the styles why these ones in particular?

Ans, I just like dancehall and band music

Qn, when did you start singing and how many songs have you done so far?

Ans, last year , am having three songs namely love Kyambalo, Tebiba clear with Eighton sente, on fire still with Eighton sente

Qn, What if someone is interested in your music where do we get it?

Ans, any Ugandan video library plus YouTube

Qn, how many times do you practice in a week?

Ans, I sing every morning before going to work

Qn, what do you do besides music?

Ans, I work with Uchumi supermarket

Qn, Do you have a fan page?

Ans, Yes on face book Tiana Jovia is my user name

Qn, In your life as an artiste what keeps you going , I mean what keeps you making song after song?

Ans, It’s basically my fans that keep me going

Qn, if all goes well where do you see yourself two years from now?

Ans, I will have improved musically and be on the Juliana kind of level

Qn, if God granted you one wish what would it be?

Ans, Collaboration with Rihanna

Qn, who inspires you?

Ans, Juliana she sings well and respects herself plus I love her dressing code internationally Rihanna

Qn, what is your target audience?

Ans, The youth, cause am still one

Qn, on a lighter note what do people hate about you?

Ans, Am always straight forward

Qn, what challenges have you faced so far as an artist?

Ans, Some radio stations don’t play our music despite we paying for airplay, plus some producers want to sleep with you instead of doing music for you

Qn, who writes your music?

Ans, Frank stories, john k and Rekada feelings write my music

Qn, being human we all have a strong point; I want you to tell me what do people like about you?

Ans, My voice, my style dressing code plus my appearance