7 Romantic Things to Do After S*x


By Enewsug team

Most couples enjoy the idea of turning on their respective sides and snoozing after a steamy session of sex.

Eat in bed
After some great sex, you’re sure to get hungry. Sex is like a workout, the best one! You also burn a lot of calories and your body craves food. So, fix a quick meal for yourself and your partner, lie in bed and eat while cuddling.

Talking after sex is a good way to rekindle the flame and even improve the communication between you both. Since both of you are going to be in a good mood, it’s a great time to bring up important topics.

Take self portraits
Memorialize this amazing moment on the camera after getting frisky. You will have a natural post-orgasm glow, so no need for make up and post editing.

Get touchy
You don’t have to be a boring couple and fall asleep after some hot steamy sex. Spending some time in bed touching each other after the deed can be really romantic.

Whether you’re watching TV or just talking, subtle and light touches are really cute.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh, right? Guys totally dig girls who have a sense of humour. After sex, share a joke or say something that will make him laugh. Laughing together is a great way to get closer to each other.

Discuss the future
Okay, this has nothing to do about your future with him, but future plans in general. You both can discuss your dreams, hopes and plans for the future.

Take a nap together
If you’ve had a really intense session of love-making, we’re sure you’re exhausted as hell. Most guys love the idea of napping after sex.

So, just wrap your arms around each other and take a quick nap. You could wake up and go for a round two.