Abitex, Mathias Walukagga Arrested over unlawful Demonstration against Gashumba


“Abitex, Mathias Walukagga Arrested over unlawful Demonstration against Gashumba”

City Events Promoter and singer Mathias Walukagga have been arrested by Uganda Police as they led a group of Mengo youth at Lubiri SSS as they planned to march towards Frank Gashumba’s residence in Bbunga.

Socialite Frank Gashumba opened an abusive war on Buganda Kingdom’s Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga, following his televised Interview among which he spoke about his critics, one a drunkard and the other a conman, who didn’t deserve anyone’s attention.

Some of these people are usually arrested for being con artists. They have no known jobs apart from conning people. Others are drunkards. By midmorning, they have already done a crate of beer and are opening another one. Those are not people you should pay attention to. Find critics worth their name,” Mayiga said. “There also those with pseudo names on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t pay attention to anything they say. So don’t lose hope,” Katikiiro Mayiiga Peter said.

Reports reveal that Gashumba is currently facilitated and paid millions of money by City lawyers David Mpanga and Mr. Apollo Makubuya who were respectively dropped as the Attorney general of Buganda and Deputy Katikkiro.