Abryanz responds to Sheila Gashumba’s bleaching claims


By staff writer

NTV’s Sheilah Gashumba who also goes by the Whatsapp name of Lil Stunner yesterday during a whatsapp conversation in Judith Heard’s group, Gashumba noted that all the times she’s seen Mandy, it was with another man. “I think she’s like Kwanjula soda, always with different men.”

Sheila also went on to say Abryanz was bleaching his face in order to be light-skinned. When this landed on the self spoken Fashionista’s ears,he had this to say.

 “I don’t have any comments regarding all this (Look at me and get your answer concerning her claims),i have always known Sheila as a friend, i was surprised by what her claims though she has her reasons best known by her, am not in anyway hurt by what she said.Am used to negativity from people,but my main focus is on my Fashion career and personal business. Seriously, People talk,gossip but at the end of the day we are all human beings.” A calm Abryanz disclosed. “Sheila is not worth my time,if i ever feel she’s worth beefing then i will do it big” he added on.

below are some of Abryanz’s recent pics in 2016

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