Am not scared of anyone- furiously Tina tells Sheila Gashumba


Urban TV’s Scoop on Sqoop Gossiper Tina Fierce who has recently been thought to be at the verge of losing her job over cyberbullying against celebrities has once again proved not only to be focussed on her bread-winning job but also to tell off whoever thinks she can spare them from her furious talk to think twice. Tina has been at war with Sheila Gashumba and her boyfriend Marcus Ali Lwanga alias God’s Plan over claims that she has been soiling them with a tongue of slander.

The feud between these two ladies started when Sheila Gashumba came out to complain about how Urban Tv’s Tina has all the time dragged Sheila’s name in the mud with intentions of earning pennies from Sheila’s haters.

Sheila also uploaded evidence supported by sound recordings as she pinned Tina for money transactions behind everyone’s back as she was being paid for her work of tarnishing Sheila’s name. However, after getting wind of what Sheila said, Tina furiously said she is not scared of anyone, saying she is a battle-hardened soldier who can’t be put down by Sheila’s childish wars. She branded sheila too young to fight her.

Sheila had implored Metropolitan international to think back about what they are sponsoring saying it is pitiful for a respectable u diversity to sponsor such a program. However, Tina laughed at her, saying her cheap and worthless opinion can’t make her lose a sponsor.