Ashburg Kato speaks out on being Bobi Wine’s fan as far as music is concerned


People Power drop out and now NRM hardcore supporter, Ashburg Kato has spoken out on being Bobi Wine’ fan as far as music is concerned.

The blogger said that he is still a top music fan for Bobi Wine although when it comes to politics, he sides with ‘taata Natasha’

In a social media post, the blogger said that politics is for President Museveni alone to handle and therefore he supports Bobi Wine only in music prospects and is willing to support his online concerts.

“BTW I’m still Bobi Wine’s number one music fan… 🕺Eby’okufuga byo tubirekere M7 yaabisobola” he posted minutes before Bobi Wine’s Freedom Show online.

Ashburg dropped out of People Power only months ago  after President Museveni gifted him five cows and later on, a car and laptops. 

Bobi Wine’s Freedom show online amassed a lot of views totalling to 270,000.