Bad Black writes a Letter to President Museveni


Below is the long Unedited letter from Bad Black to President Museveni;

👋 Your Excellence Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. I greet you.
I know you have been seeing my story about how your officials and the Ministry Of Health duped me into recording a visual advert sensitizing all Sex Workers at boarder points not to get into contact with foreign truck drivers as one way of combating COVID-19; with promises of scheduling for me a meeting with you so that you pay me ‘handsomely’ for being a good citizen and engaging myself in the fight of the pandemic.

However, all these were falsehoods and all i got was NRM T-Shirt a a Cap. I have become impatient. I no longer get in touch with the goons from the Ministry of Health who pleaded with me to record the advert. My calls to them always go unanswered. They avoid me.
I am a mother who has a family that needs me to bring bread on the table.
It’s so unfortunate that we have corrupt members in the Government that have such levels of dishonesty to the extent that they have no empathy for an ordinary citizen and a mother like me.

Why would a whole Government that i trusted basing on verbal agreements fail to fulfil their pledge and instead choose to toss a person like me? Why would i first be tossed to this extent so that i get my money that i worked for?? Your Excellency i need 500 Millions for the visual advert that I recorded. That’s what my image is worth.
I have struggled so hard to build the audience that is in millions.
Your Excellence it’s so unfortunate that whenever you hold any public speech you talk about corruption and embezzlement that are eating away our country but these corrupt individuals are all around you. You’re a good leader but the people around you undermine all your efforts to make this country adorable.
They’re so greedy to the extent that they embezzle the little money that is supposed to be paid to an ordinary Ugandan like me.

Your Excellence please speak out. Don’t be silent over my issue. I deserve and i need to be paid. I don’t give out my image fro Charity or Clemency yet your Ministers are reaping big out of the [Covid-19] situation to the extent that whenever you’re about to address the nation the inflate the number of patients so that you don’t lift the lockdown and put an end to their feast.
Mr President please help me and ensure that i get paid. 500 Millions that I’m asking for is very little money to our Government. Ministers and MPs always share Billions withing themselves; for nothing. Then what about me who helped the Sex Workers stop getting in touch with truck drivers? 500M just peanuts.

Reach me out Your Excellence. I kindly and humbly request for your intervention.
A budget to fight COVID-19 was passed. That involved using personalities like me, roadside billboards plus buying airtime on media channels to sensitize masses.
All other parties were paid. Outdoor advertising companies that own the Billboards were paid, TVs and Radio Stations were paid for the airtime, then why would i be paid for my image; why wouldn’t i be paid for recording the advert? Why?
Why would i be taken advantage of and given empty promises? Why would my trust be taken advantage of?
Good Leaders should be trustworthy and honest. But it’s unfortunate our leaders are none of the above.

Your Excellence please help me. I need your intervention. I need your hand in this.
Let not these corrupt officials at the Ministry of Health stain your beautiful government.

I will be glad your excellence if you hear me out.