Bad Black’s letter to Bobi Wine shocks Public


Below is Bad Black’s unedited letter to Bobi wine and Public;

“This is a letter to every careful Ugandan that is ready to think about their life and family first before you go ahead to support and move around with the opposition mobs like people power.Once you are shot the man known as Kyagulanyi Ssentamu will not come out to look after your children,widows or even widowers not because he can’t afford it since he receives amnesty and benefits for all that he claims to go through from all strong countries in the world like USA and other capable countries but he is a selfish man.You will be shot dead and he will go and bury you because he knows that he is practically insured,secured and most importantly bullet proofed by you people who go and lean in and support his disorganization to the country.His Excellence the president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has always supported peace and doesn’t advise his supporters to riot or even to start up groups that put any Ugandan in jeopardy and if anything bad happens to anyone he always comes out to support the deceased’s family at large.We all feel sorrow and pain for all those dead in the name of people power but before you leave your house to go and fight for a man that is not yet president please first think about the people that love you,depend on you and the president who feels like you are failing the nation.The president has made so many good things that outweigh what all you see on the surface even things you don’t know because of the age differences but let us all be smart and take care of each other.Uganda is for everyone so don’t die and live it before your time.The votes will battle but don’t let anger battle cost you your life.I know all of you people power comrades are going to come and insult me but think smart because this is my opinion.FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY
#NRM #PresidentMuseveniForUganda“,
Bad Black posted on her Facebook account.