Bebe Cool blasts those that say ”he supported a thief”


By Elijah Mutabuza


Okey it seems this Tubonga Nawe song and ‘Museveni Money’ saga won’t stop today. As Chameleone decided to become furious on his face book page and blast everyone that wants to influence his decisions as a Ugandan, Juliana Kanyomozi is doing the same and other Tubonga Nawe stars, Bebe Cool has also joined the band wagon and stressed his feelings towards the ill talk about the artistes that were part of the pro Museveni song.

Now Bebe Cool has come out and posted a puzzle about two thieves on his face book page to all Ugandans and asked whoever will read it to answer it. I personally found it interesting though tricky to be answered but his answer was very good as mine.

Here it goes, ”Given that u have to choose one,a rich thief and a poor thief,which would u choose to steal from your house? I personally would choose a rich thief coz he will take the TV and leave the porridge in the flask for the kids in the morning to have breakfast.
A poor thief will first drink the porridge and take the TV too.
Must choose”

This clearly means that if you are saying that Bebe Cool is supporting a thief, you have to know that all presidential aspirants are thieves but in classes, the rich and the poor, so he would atleast go with the rich thief because that thief will steal his property but without greed! Bebe Cool has nailed the last nail in the coffin.