Bebe Cool’s Byebyo tops Charts in Zambia


By Nsiiro Jacob


For the second time in a row Byebyo one of the songs off the Go Mama album tops Zambian charts, Bebe Cool’s videos and songs have been making rounds on respective radio stations and international Televisions like MTV Base, Trace Urban stations on the African continent, in Zambia Lusaka the weekly count down of the best songs on the African continent Byebyo  has been  for the second time in two weeks placed on the number one spot.

This has come out to prove not only Bebe Cool’s musical maturity, but also Ugandan musical maturity as well and it is shooting the skies on a hyper speed. If it keeps like this for the rest of the years, Uganda will be not only to be the Pearl of Africa, but also the music hub of all time.

In one of Bebe Cool’s song known as “don’t stop” he is quoted saying “sky is no limit now we gat out footsteps on the moon” I think Mr Ssali Moses is walking the talk here, he has a fourteen track album all nice songs and few have been released I think let’s expect more, we as enewsug we shall keep you posted