Bebe Cool’s Zuena sheds tears over daughter’s hair.


By Sean Carter Musa

Zuena Kirema the wife to Uganda’s top artist Bebecool according to MTV and CNN has come out today morning and unleashed her sorrow over only daughter’s hair after it was chopped off in sorrows.

Beata being the only daughter among the five children by the celebrity couple, she’s always looked at as the 2nd woman of the house that’s why Zuena couldn’t help but mourn over her hair. She reveals that she had 3 concrete reasons for loosing that hair which include:

-The pleasure of saving time since combing and styling it takes a lot of time for her.

The desire of being relieved from the sculp pain during plaiting of the hair.

-Since she loves swimming alot, Beata says that she would rather have short maintainable hair than using a drier everyday.

Zuena didn’t find these reasons so convincing so she asked Beata to call up her Dad (Bebe) and grandmom in jinja to see if they allow her chopping off the hair but instead they both left the decision to the mum. Lol

So sorry Zuena, guess you’ll need another daughter in the family.

Beata with her hair before it was cut off.