Big Talent Speaks Out About Eddy Kenzo’s Worrying Condition


Big Talent manager, Martin Beta has come out and named the next plans of Big Talent Management as the record label Eddy Kenzo is signed onto and what they are doing to help him.

Speaking to media in a press conference that was organized at Big Talent Offices along Salaama road, Martin Beta started narrating how Eddy Kenzo has been a strong person for years but now Mafias have crossed the border trying to stop him from singing and going on with his career.

Concerned about his musicians health and well being, Manager Martin has rewinded the clock and reminded journalists about all the terrible things that have been spoken about Eddy Kenzo in the past twelve years and why this Issue with Sheikh Muzaata has blown out of proportion.

It all that was just said by normal people and journalists but not a Religious leader like Sheikh Muzaata. Now that Muzaata is followed by millions of people, Muzaata telling Kenzo that he should go and marry his mother was just way out of line.

Revealing the next big move from the management, Manager Martin made it clear that there’s nothing they haven’t done to ensure Eddy Kenzo’s safety but the singer is too frustrated and hurt.

“Personally I have talked to Kenzo more than 5times a day but we can talk and he acceps to cool down, a few minutes later he calls me again and tells me that he is so hurt and wants his voice to be heard by the people“, Manager Martin stated.