Bobi Wine talks about bottles pelted at ‘Bebe Cool’


While appearing on NBS Television morning breeze show this morning, Presidential aspirant and singer, Bobi Wine had this to say about the artistes being pelted with bottles during music concerts;

Bobi Wine’s take on artistes being pelted with bottles, “When we talk about violence, you can’t talk about plastic bottles and not talk about gun violence at the hands of the State. If you are to talk about violence, do not be one-sided. We should look at where the violence comes from, it points to an angry nation. This should communicate to “Baby Cool”. To me, he comes off as a Kitatta. Many of our brothers have been used and dumped”

Last weekend during Cindy’s Boom party concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval on Saturday, several revelers hurled water bottles and other materials at singer Bebe Cool as he performed on stage.