Bruno K to shoot video this week


by Elijah Mutabuza


The former First Runner up of the Airtel sing for Fame competitions Bruno K seems not to seize the music fire at all. When he dropped his Twesaana and Juicy Remakes, critiques came out and said he was getting finished soon musically but according ti him, he proved them wrong.

He has dropped other numerous pieces but the piece on the table is Turning me on he dropped lately and the news is that he is shooting its video this week and prepararions are ongoing. in this case he was overheard looking for Eleven sexy ladies that will help him make a memorable video.

”I started this, and am not ready to stop it. its not mine but for my fans” he was quoted saying as he is busy collecting the attire he is to use in the video and went on to call upon for his fans to feel free and accept working with him in the Turning me on video.

”Well I have very good news and bad news . well lets start with the good news,We are shooting Turning me on video this week and the bad news is I was asked to get 11 sexy, pretty gals with very good bodies and so far I have only 3. Now ladies if you love Bruno k music and your not camera shy just inbox me your details I will get to you personally.”