Bryan White calls out President Museveni for protection against Mafia Gang


By Enews Writer

City philanthropist and Bryan White Foundation boss, Brian Kirumira has cried out to the President Museveni amidst threats to his life from a mafia gang. Bryan White also revealed there was plan to make him broke but also to end his life. “There is a group of people that is planning to kick me out completely. They habe stolen my money, taken me to prison and not could take my life” he said.

Brian Kirumira also revealed about numerous evil plans by the mafia gang to fail his Bryan White Foundation and also conspiring with many others to blackmail him. This was during a live video where was allegedly accused of beating his secretary, Stella Nandawula.

Bryan White Foundation is a private foundation founded by Kirumira Brian a motivational speaker commonly known as Bryan White.

The foundation started in 2015 and was launched in Mbarara 2018. It is a non-profit organization with the aim of creates breakthrough solutions spanning financial, agricultural, sports and health services.