Byayanga Concert Kati Kati Canceled, shocking cause revealed!


By Elijah Mutabuza


The most awaited Mun G’s Hip Hop concert Byayanga Concert at Kati Kati was canceled by Kampala City Council Authority(KCCA) yesterday that is when the management of Kunta Kinte Ent (KKE) was informed in a letter.

However we had reported some time back that it would be canceled because of the complaints about noise pollution that affects people that stay around Kat Kati, KKE management was even warned about its possible cancellation and they never paid heed to the warnings, they remained defiant until it happened, this displayed the problems Africans have in understanding some issues.

You may think this time round it is the major cause for the cancellation, no! the cause was that Mun G and his management thought they were big for authorities. above all they thought it was only Ziza Bafana that could be affected not them.

The jilted Mun G and went on to throw insults to KCCA referring them to incompetent and one sided, this is what he had to post the whole of Mun G ahead of all warnings casted to him;

”The management of Kunta Kinte Ent is so sorry to inform all our fans, friends and partners that KCCA has canceled our Friday concert at KatiKati mbu because that venue has issues; which issues; we have really failed to understand since some events at the venue have been permitted yet others rejected.
We have been left with no option but proceed with the subsequent shows, which are; SATELLITE BEACH MUKONO this Saturday 5th Sept, and then KK BEACH GGABA this Sunday 6th Sept.


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