Celebrities share their opinions about the Presidential Debate


By Waiswa Brian

Last night went down in Uganda’s political history as all the 8 candidates shared the same podium stage as they engaged in an open live debate that had many viewers across the country.Various celebrities had mixed reactions after the closure of the Presidential debate that was held at Kampala Serena Hotel last night as quoted below;

About the debate! It was a historical evening,indeed.Peace and Unity is all we need.

Bobi Wine

I think my fellow Ugandans can now agree with me and join me to finally fully support Museveni in this coming elections. The opposition now claims the topic of the debate was in Museveni’s favor,for sure I know as a citizen of Uganda that our president is a brilliant man with a vision. One main reason why Museveni had to beat all is they all forgot to utilize their time to their advantage, instead they all wanted to shoot at him hence giving him more time to elaborate,convince and win the nation. I use that game in music most of the time where most people spend a lot of their time talking negative about me,I don’t talk back about them,but I also talk more positive about my self so that means am always the topic which always gives me an advantage.

Bebe Cool

It was very wrong to have Mabirizi and Kyalya on the debate. Kyalya was like someone going to a lodge or someone going to a Shrine.Unfortunately alot of time was wasted to those two comedians.

Frank Gashumba 

Thank God for technology, I’m enjoying this debate damn.Uganda decides this is very good remedy.

Comedian Salvador Idringi who is currently in London.

Change is indeed coming,someone sat for all those hours in a high school competition!On his signature VOA sign out Shaka Ssali always asks us to get better not bitter.The leopard influence this time leaves us a bitter lot.

KFM’s Patrick Kanyomozi.

Museveni is very experienced,perhaps the two most important things i have discovered in the last decade are:

1.That the media is very capable of telling lies

2.that not all that was said by the political opposition about president Museveni was true.it took me a few years in graduate school to get equipped to ask pertinent questions.I then realized that even international media the most powerful ones can either tell lies or skew their coverage for their interest.before i was gullible.

– Media guru Joel Isabirye 

The key words ,Yumbe, ICC,Fiction, Macdonald the father of Wanyama Don Innocent, peaceful elections etc…And the winner of tonight’s debate is..??

– Daily Monitor’s Roger Mugisha

“I am here to talk about Uganda, not fiction. If you want a Nobel prize in Literature, then you can talk the way you want. Talk about Uganda as it is, not as it should have been, because it wasn’t. Some people in Uganda say not having war is not peace. But that’s a step forward. We do not have war because we defeated all those who tried to bring war.

President Museveni’s opening remarks during the second debate.

Thank you for being part of this ‪ Historical Debate wherever you watched from.The situation is worrying as crime preventers are now being armed and offered Police and Military Uniforms. But am optimistic that’s why i keep trying,this time round Uganda has the best opportunity,young people come out and vote as we can solve the agricultural,health and employment among us.I offer swagger after February 18th.

Dr.Kiiza Besigye .