Chameleon reveals about the 2 types of artistes


By Waiswa Brian

Though he has not a good 2015 music year,Singer Chameleon is one artiste who still pulls a crowd all over Africa and you can agree with that when Congolese welcomed him like a King as they sang Kipeopeo.

Last Sunday while performing at the 4 annual purple party that was hosted by Douglas Lwanga,Chameleon revealed that those criticizing him for not releasing music so far this year should know one thing as he was quoted below;

 We have 2 types of artistes,

 1. We have those TV artistes who have air play on radio and TV but don’t pull crowds,in fact they pay to have their music played but its not that catchy to the crowd.Some release music for months or have a hit song and disappear.

2. We also have we (Soul artistes). We made and make good music which you can listen to even after years after it played on TV and radio. So artistes comparing themselves to me i pity them. We have soul artistes whose music can be listened to while having your eyes closed.

So what do you think of Jose Chameleon’s statement? who was he referring to.