Chameleone puts an end to the ‘Pallaso – Kalifah’ beef


By our writer

Just as he revealed while on NTV’s The Beat music show hosted by Douglas Lwanga, ‘the days of beef are so long gone’.

The Beat disclosed that Yesterday while at Casablanca Jose Chameleone asked Emma Carlos Manager to call Kalifah and disclose what the problem was between the 3 artists. A few years back,Pallaso and Weasel ganged up on the pin sized ‘Kalifah’ and beat him up to near death as he escaped with wounds.

Chameleone immediately called on his young brothers Pallaso and Weasel and the four Artists sat in a closed meeting and resolved to make peace with each other for the better of Uganda’s Music. If we are united we shall be stronger..Beef is so ages ago.

So dont be surprised if the three artistes release a collabo anytime from now.