Checkout A New Shocking Chemical That Transformed 254 Black Men To White In 6 Hrs



It is implausible but real, a publication of the Moscow Faculty of Sciences, researchers have developed a new mixture of chemicals that can change a black man’s skin to white in six hours. Information gathered shows that with a mixture that includes oxytane and benzodiazepine. It would suffice to stay for 6 hours in a bath consisting of 50grams per liter of water. After this process, the skin peels off naturally, especially the upper skin layer responsible for the color that can be removed. The laboratory further announced that 254 people have been treated by this method and the Russian government may soon allow the reimbursement of this treatment. Russian authorities have also notified that it is a high value for thousands of immigrants who may feel more integrated in Russia once their color matches the one of the premises, which is a strong point of view decried by the associations of human rights. NB: Further research shows that this may not be true or factual.