Chris Brown lashes out at Donald Trump


Chris Brown, the 26-year-old R&B singer, Posted an angry video to a series of racial attacks at Donald Trump campaign rallies on his official Instagram account Thursday, in which the controversial star, who has faced allegations of violence of his own, called on African- American people to defend themselves by attending Trump rallies in large groups and challenging the overwhelmingly white crowds there to “keep touching us, mother f*****!” In his video, Chris Brown lashed out at Donald Trump, as well as at American culture in general, for its treatment of black workers and artists. “F*** TRUMP AND F*** THE PIGS,” he posted. “THIS EVIL S*** IS SO WRONG! GOD WILL HAVE HIS REVENGE! TRUST ME!” Brown continued, saying that white Americans have not appreciated the contributions of black people to American culture.

“People are so afraid to say s*** because y’all just find a way to kill our leaders!!!! WHO THE F*** U THINK CLEANS YOUR HOTELS AND WORKS HARD TO FEED A WHOLE FAMILY. US! YOU A B***H, ALWAYS BEEN A P***Y!” At the 12th Republican presidential debate, held Thursday night in Miami, Florida, Trump was asked directly about violence at his rallies, and while saying he did not “condone” the incidents, the GOP front runner appeared to justify the violent actions of his followers.