Club bubbles manager arrested over alleged theft of ‘Bad black’s car.


By Male Ronald

Peter Akola, manager of bubbles pub in kololo has been arrested by the flying squad police over alleged theft of Bad Black’s newly acquired Toyota Prado, registration number UAY 344X. The city socialite had had a night long-long drinking extravaganza with friends at the bubbles pub in kololo and when time came for her to leave, she demanded for her bill.

The bar attendant handed her a bill of shs467000 which she failed to pay claiming that her visa card failed to open after trying it several times because she had forgotten her password. The management allowed her to go after promising to clear the bill next morning but the manager retained her car keys and visa card as security for none payment. However she was shocked to be told the next day that the car had been removed and it could not be traced so she reported the case to the flying squad which immediately arrested the manager.

According to the commandant of the police’s flying squad, Assistant commissioner of police, Herbert Muhangi, Peter Akola is being held by the police facing charges of theft of a car or conspiracy to steal a car as further investigations go on. Meanwhile peter has denied stealing the car claiming that he left it parked outside the bar and went home