Could Spice Diana be dating Gilbert Bukenya?


By Sean Carter Musa

Recently so many rumors were going around about how Professor Gilbert Bukenya was searching for a fresh meat to replace with Irene Namubiru her former lover and now it looks like the ‘Onsanula’ singer has already taken up the spot.

Spice Diana is one beautiful singer that probably no man would reject and it can not be surprising if she’s the new mechanic that took up servicing Bukenya’s engine. Even though she claims that the two are only friends, close pals have revealed that the couple has been on numerous dates and spice does not spend a day without talking about Mr.Bukenya.

It should be remembered that Spice Diana these days has been so up and down performing during NRM political rallies and maybe she could have landed her self another juicy deal. We shall keep you posted about any progresses of thus story.