“Coward Big Eye left me with the kids and his sisters”, Don Sheila speaks out


By staff writer

Big Eye’s ex fiance and upcoming new singer ‘Don Sheila’ has finally let the cat out of the bag during her Video premiere of her new song ‘Tabbu’ on NTV The Beat music show hosted by Lwanga Douglas.

Sheila was quoted “If you love Kim Kardashian then you will definitely love ‘Single’ Nalongo Sheila Don Zella. Big Eye walked away (divorced) from home and left behind his kids and sisters for me to take care of.But for me am a hardworking woman who is still at home and taking care of all their bills. I don’t have any problem with the coward (Singer Big Eye), good enough he wasn’t providing anything even when he was still around.”

New singer Don Zella went on to premiere her new Video. You can watch it here.