“Don’t boycott Uganda musicians”, FDC’s MP Nabilah shares an inspirational message to the public.


By Waiswa Brian

Though FDC’s committee clearly came out to announce to it’s fans about Boycotting all music shows held by every artsite who featured in the ‘Tubonga Nawe’ campaign song. Kampala Woman MP Nabilah Sempala had a different view about all this as quoted below;

Talent is a gift and not many people have it! It’s a gift that can put food on someone’s table and careers are made from it! Soccer, Music, Comedy, Acting etc! Our music industry is fragile and still struggling! Let’s support them instead of using them for our own frustrations! These are young men and women! Beyiiya!

This petty behavior to opposing views or narrow mindedness is shameful! One of our greatest responsibilities, and yet privileges, is the right to make choices. Double standards is a sign of weakness! Anyone calling for boycott should do it across board and not to pick on Musicians only! Let’s start with anyone who provided services to the NRM; such as the following:

-Transporters(Taxis and Buses)
-Caterers and hotels
-Traders dealing in T-Shirts e.t.c
But if we can’t, let’s respect the right of opinion!

Please let’s not politicize music and talent! They also have a right to choose let’s not forget! Even Barack Obama had artists that endorsed him that include actors/actresses, musicians, comedians, foreign dignitaries, media houses, both republican and democrat senators/reps among a list of many. Famous artists like John Legend, Adam Levine of the Voice, Beyoncé. But others like Clint Eastwood(actor) Mel Gibson, Chuck Norris (actor)endorsed his opponent Romney

So please, let’s all remember Bobi Wine’s song; “Obululu tebutwawula” remember???. Leave the politics to us the politicians! After all, both opposition MP and NRM MPs sit in the same parliament!!!! Share food in the parliament canteen! Sit on the same committees! And listen to the same music! Let’s not go back to the politics of “kuteema bitooke” bya ba DP as was the case with the early 60’s leading to independence! The KY supporters slashed down banana plantations of DP supporters! Politics of extremes is bad!