Why Donville Properties Is The Best Property Management Company In Uganda


There is only a handful of deluxe property management companies that can be trusted to execute the epic 360 of Real Estate Management in Uganda. And if there was a top 5 list of Property Management Companies in Uganda, Donville Properties would still be comfortably perched at the top of it. The reason why Donville Properties is the best property management company in Uganda is embedded in how first they seek to grow. They recently partnered with Dubai Real Estate Company, Damac Properties; which now means that they can let and manage properties in Dubai as well, on top of their vast Ugandan property listing. And here is why we think they got the partnership.

Luxury First.

Their recent partnership with Dubai based company, Damac properties took many Real Estate enthusiasts by surprise. That Donville Properties has recently gone International only serves to pronounce their caliber in terms of class. According to the CEO of Don Ville Properties, Collins Muyanja, the company prides in managing and constructing some of the most luxurious properties on the land.

“Our partnership with Damac Properties has only served our long term purpose of extension. But we have always created experiences for people who appreciate and can actually afford luxury,” Muyanja said, during a press conference.


Donville Properties aren’t just the leading solutions provider in Property Management. They also offer payment options that make it easier for people to access their services without straining their finances. They have also; since grown their portfolio to include Construction, in order to properly effect their solutions across the different aspects of Real Estate Management. Through their construction arm, Donville Properties can now plan and execute to completion, the construction of rental, residential and commercial properties. Even better is you don’t need to bother yourself with visiting the sites; as clients working in the Diaspora have since intimated to this website that Donville properties offers weekly reports of their construction projects ontop of offering other forms of accountability systems to clients.


Though renowned for offering comprehensive accountability systems for their clients, Donville Properties has cultivated a huge name because of the professionalism with which they work. Their services in management cut across; assessing your property’s current market rental value, Marketing your property for rent, Find and select suitable tenants, Collect rent, Routine inspections, Arrange repairs and maintenance, Payments and statements, Oversee final inspections and end of tenancy matters, Search for new tenants at the end of the existing tenancies, House keeping, Car washing etc.

About Donville Properties.

Donville Property is a property development and Management company offering turn key and custom made solutions in construction, real estate and property management. The company portfolio includes thousands of square feet of office, industrial, retail and multi-family space strategically located in major metropolitan markets. The Real Estate team leverages its vertically integrated platform to serve its customers as well as manage the space requirements and corporate-use facilities for Donville’s global operations.