Eddy Kenzo predicts the worst for Uganda, gives reasons why


Eddy Kenzo, through his social media platform on Tuesday noted that Uganda’s politicians always use a dangerous tool of tribalism during elections, which in return ends up breaking the bond amongst the country’s citizens.

“This country is so difficult, every time we are heading to elections, politicians start promoting tribalism. true, it works for them because they get votes but it leaves us (citizens) on tenterhooks,” Kenzo said.

“We separate with our loved ones when we even have children with them, our business partners among others. I feel so sad and these days I no longer sleep well because of these tribal talks. Imagine 2020 we youths are now filled with dangerous selfish thoughts hohooooo,” he said

Kenzo believes that if tribalism is not foregone, Uganda will end up like North African country Libya, which was once the most developed country in Africa during the reign of the late President Muammar Al Gaddafi, but currently Libya’s social, economical, political stability was turned to its worst after Gaddafi’s death.

“Libya, I think Uganda is joining you very soon, lord have mercy,” Kenzo said.