Family and Finances: The whole Truth about John Blaq and his former Managers


By Reporter

There are a lot of defamation stories that are published when artists and managers part with their management. The stories going round on John blaq are not factual at all.

His former management aired out a story first about him sleeping with his manager’s partner, then it was about his greed and so many other trash that has been written about him. All this is because he is parting with them following a series of misunderstandings.

When will defaming of artists stop when they have disagreements with their management ? When are we as users of social media, bloggers, funs, music consumers going to stop sharing wrong baseless stories ? Remember the story on Fille, Zizza bafana, Lydia Jasmine, Irene Ntale, Khalifa Aganaga, B2c when they split with their management.

Now, one of John Blaq’s close friend, has revealed that all trouble started when Norman hired his family members as part of the management and John Blaq all did the same. It went from being a business to a family rivalry since both entities wanted to handle all cash related issues. Most promoters have been complaining about who really handles all cash transactions at the Black Magic Management with over 7 people all branding themselves as managers.

“Norman hired his family members into management, so did John Blaq….and they all had access to the bookings and other cash transactions, imagine over 6 people….was that management or family related chaos”, a source revealed.