Former Liverpool FC Defender Daniel Agger retires from Football aged just 31.


The defender, who has YNWA tattooed on his knuckles, played 232 times for the Reds. He was a picture of composure and class at the back. It’s quite early for the Dane to call time on his career, but he always did say he has no real interest in the game beyond playing. Injuries have robbed him of more appearances and accolades. In October 2006, he offered this insight: “I’m the same quiet,private person as when I lived in Denmark and I can’t imagine ever changing. “I love playing, and I am enjoying being at Liverpool, but I don’t like what goes with it. “I know it probably sounds strange, but I have no real interest in football, aside from playing. When my career is over, I will walk away from the game for good.

“I already have plans, but all I will say is they have nothing to do with football. That is my character. But there is a big difference between being laid-back off the pitch and how I am on it. “Something happens when I put my boots on and go out there. I become a different person. I just switch on and come alive.”

He was quoted on his twitter account,