By staff writer

“Originally from New Hampshire and now currently residing in New Orleans, up and coming singer-songwriter Julie Elody is starting to buzz in the Electro-Pop market with her catchy vibe. Her latest single drop is called “Come Down” and marks her fourth track as a solo artist and highlights the inner turmoil that arose from a breakup of her previous band and the emotions involved in their split. The emotional release is a good introduction to her catalog, so check it out” – EDM Sauce

“Julie Elody is an electrifying artist on the rise. We’ve been watching her for some time and make no mistake, things are only going up from here! The New Orleans’ singer-songwriter punches back into the new year with her exuberant new pop track: “Come Down.” Lyrically driven and loaded with instrumental samples, “Come Down” exhibits a distinct singalong appeal that will surely get you amped for 2019.” -CULTR

“Julie Elody is back with her latest single, “Come Down,” digging into that chill, laid-back vibe we all love. One of my favourite elements in this track is an effective key change within the bridge, leading all the way back into the work’s fiery last chorus.
Deceptively simple, this is the kind of kind song in which you can easily get lost in the catchy melodies and infectious beat, yet it still conveys an emotional depth that is apparent when you tune into the lyrics.” -Music Elk

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