Hassan Ndugga preaches in new song


by Elijah Mutabuza Ssalongo


Talking of music advancement in Uganda may be just narrowed according to what our musicians have tried to change the face of the music industry…

We have come to forget about the days of Congo music Lingala where we could dance to the beats not the words or meaning. Now, a case in point is this Kadongo Kamu Super star Hassan Ndugga of Ebintu bizibu fame. Initially Kadongo Kamu music genre is for teaching souls and uplifting hearts but this time round Hassan has dropped a preaching song Komya Eggayaalo translated as Stop being lazy which when you listen to its lyrics, you will have mixed feelings, you will laugh and again cry at the same time!

He has touched every job setting, he has attacked lazy people and above all, he has attacked as he tells the solution to the problem, What a lyrical maturity!

a glimpse at the lyrics

‘….komya egayaalo vva mu pokopoko teli yali aguze motoka mukkola lugambo, komya eggayaalo,, naawe  owa chapati mube namagezi agatoola mufune ensimbi, komya eggayaalo,, ekikomndo osiika kya lunaana oluweza omutwaalo chips olya za kanaana…”

I have put up this song on a fore front, look for it and listen to it, it is worth your time.

How i pray that every artiste should borrow a leaf from artistes like Hassan Ndugga and do us the music lifting our hearts up not the Bidandali things.