Have never aborted-Sheila Gashumba


Socialite and former NTV presenter Sheila Gashumba has come out to finally address the allegations of abortion that have been making rounds.

The fiance to city tycoon Ali Marcus Lwanga alias Gods Plan has had to battle weird allegations about her all through her life and was pelted with claims of multiple abortions in the height of her war with former NTV presenter Robin Kisti.

Robin Kisti who had been a close confidant to Sheila during their days at the Serena based TV station came out to accuse Sheila of playing a saint yet she has an ugly history that she has hidden from the public eye. Kisti had claimed that Sheila had forked out pregnancy after pregnancy as she whored around the city shamelessly.

However, Sheila who had ignored the allegations at the time has come out to dispel the allegations indicating that she has never been pregnant in her life, never carried out an abortion, let alone having a miscarriage. While appearing on an interview on a local TV alongside her boyfriend God’s Plan, Sheila was asked about the allegations and her response was emphatic, insisting the rumour was spread by people who have been fighting to bring her down.

“I have never been pregnant and I have never aborted. Those who say I aborted, let them bring proof. Let them include the hospital where I carried the abortion. That is just a rumor.” – Sheila Gashumba opened up.