Henry Tigan Fathers Twins


By OurReporter

Faded musician Henry Tigan may not be releasing music but he is working tirelessly in Bed matters.

As some people are not happy with the Lockdown, Henry is happy and celebrating to have fathered Twins in this Lockdown, he is not ready to hide it away from the Public that he is now a “Salongo” .

Henry Tigan posted thanking God for Blessing him with twins at a time he didn’t expect such a blessing from him.

“Thanks for your prayers, my friends. It was not easy in the theatre but finally, God blessed me with twins. Now I am a Salongo” he partly posted.

Thanx for yor prayers bamikwano it was not easy in the theatr bt finally God blessed me with twins kati nze Salongo with capital S

Posted by Henry Tigan on Sunday, May 17, 2020