Herbertskillz works with Mandatory Entertainment on new song with Honorebel and Tarrus Riley called “Be Free”

Honorebel - Tarrus Riley
Honorebel - Tarrus Riley

Billboard hitmaker, writer, producer and international Recording Artist Honorebel premieres his new single “Be Free” from the upcoming album entitled “Above The Noise“.

This single “Be Free” sets the tone for a masterpiece, as a song it will take you on a journey through some of his happy, most formative and also most troubling moments.  Honorebel has cemented himself as an artist known for making international hits.

Now he has joined forces with another Billboard hit maker and award-winning Artist, Tarrus Riley on “Be Free” to make this project epic and unforgettable. Honorebel, born in Kingston, Jamaica migrated to Miami years ago where he became friends with Tarrus Riley and father Jimmy Riley, from then a musical bond was built with both eclectic Artists, Honorebel and Tarrus Riley.

“Be Free”, is a Reggae/World Music sounding of the track exemplified by the melodic backdrop of the trombone and ukulele that seamlessly merges every element of the song. The song emphasizes Honorebel’s ability to combine hard-hitting lyrics with his voice softened by vulnerability and his verses edging away like rapid-fire with harmonies creating imagery of the song more like storytelling. Tarrus Riley added his soothing and charismatic vocals seen throughout Singy Singy’s expansive oeuvre.  This Stella collaboration will be memorable for a lifetime.

Mandatory Entertainment for many years has been working behind the scene of the music industry and Conrad Golding, CEO of Mandatory Entertainment is now ready to embark on his musical expedition by launching “Be Free” to a satellite altitude as the sole producer of the project.

Conrad Golding’s orchestration and collaborative work with Musician Paul Santo help birth “Be Free”.  Paul Santo has worked with Aerosmith and Ringo Starr of the Beatles. Conrad Golding has produced this musical bed for Honorebel and Tarrus Riley and is ready to share his outpouring of creativity with the world.

The song “Be Free” was also mastered by Uganda born Producer Herbertskillz of Soundmakers Studio. Herbertskillz has in the past years worked with different top Ugandan musicians including; Bebe Cool A Pass and so many others.

Download and Listen to the Song Below: