How Bobi wine knew UCC would ban his song.!!!


By our writer

Within just two days after its release,Bobi Wine’s ‘Dembe’ song has been banned by Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) over speculation that it would incite violence among people.In one of Bobi Wine’s other songs, he has lyrics like “If you are going to say the truth,then better be able to stand alone” and indeed the ‘Mazzi Mawanvu’ hit maker took on a brave personal decision to release such a song well knowing the outcomes.

 Here is one line in the lyrics where Bobi wine knew what would go on if he released the ‘DEMBE’ song. “When i talk about what is oppressing the voiceless people,you open a case about me” translated in Luganda as “wenjogerako ebiruma abantu nemunzigulako omusango.”