By Elijah Mutabuza

It’s not every time that couples automatically bond and become great friends. Sometimes, they have to learn the ropes, overcome obstacles and make resolve within themselves that even if it is not all that smooth today, they will put their best foot forward and walk towards a more glorious future than they have presently.

Men, your wife wants to talk about her feelings, problems and concerns with you. A Woman’s search for closeness with her spouse prompts her to talk, to want to share her inmost desires and thoughts with her husband.She may not really be talking with you for you to give her solutions but her desire is for you to give her your ear, making effort to understand her and letting her know that you don’t mind her talking. The point here, man, is to get your wife to a state, where she can feel free to talk with you about anything, where she will feel that you accept her feelings and value her as someone worth listening to. You will end up producing a closeness and intimacy that knows no bounds between you two. Marriage is indeed beautiful and you can be your wife’s best friend.

Then Trust is earned. Trust is not earned by sweet words and wonderful gifts. Trust is earned in a relationship by open and truthful communication. A Beautiful marriage has a way of overcoming serious challenges. Life can throw so many things our way as married couples. Financial pressures are there, challenges with the kids and the numerous dramas associated with marital experience. A beautiful marriage can always hold its own where the man has decided to be honest with his wife about finances, his time and the challenges he is facing. When a woman is honest to the point of telling her husband what made her cry and smile. But a marriage cannot survive dishonesty and lack of trust.

When a woman knows, and works towards making her home, a peaceful and quiet place, a castle where her man will feel safe and comfortable to stay in always, The atmosphere in this home will make the man to cherish every moment he spends in his home with his queen, and anytime he is away, he will always longingly look forward to the time he will get the chance to step foot in his home again to be with his queen.