I don’t mind his status, Kats has the best cassava- Shammy K


By Our Reporter

Celebrated events emcee and NBS TV presenter Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats might have revealed to the nation that he has HIV and that he is on treatment. However, there is someone that doesn’t believe in that talk. Kats music signed Shammy K this was all a fabricated lie.

Apparently, Shammy had been ravaging Kats’ bed ever since baby mama Fille quit the relationship. However, Kats who hired Shammy shortly after Fille’s departure seems to have given her all the licence to feed his restless cassava. 

Amazingly, Shammy K has claimed that Kats claimed to be HIV positive for purposes of showbiz. She added that she is very willing and ready to say “Yes” to Kats should he propose.