“I married a brave African man”, Barbie brags


By Our writer

Yesterday everyone couldn’t believe Singer Bobi Wine could block a top city road and get away with it. The ‘Mazzi mawanvu’ singer was leading a demonstration alongside kamwokya residents who were tired of the sorry road status in their area which had claimed lives of residents ( 4 students Bobi wine was quoted).

However,Within just hours KCCA reacted to the singer’s actions in a positive way as they officially closed it down for reconstruction, something that got Barbie Kyagulanyi excited and proud of hubby Robert Kyagulanyi a.k.a Bobi Wine as she was quoted on Facebook; “Today is one of those many days when I am too proud of my husband. See that man ? with my two boys? he is such an extraordinary man with great features. See what he did on Kira road today? That’s one of the numerous reasons i married Bobi Wine in the first place.
Bravo Your excellency. Now we are sure These “authorities” are more active on social media than they are on ground “