I will not vote for anyone if not paid-Vampino vows


Our Reporter


We had thought the campaigns money especially the said ‘Museveni money’ was just a talk around and we got over it, We were wrong, atleast not to a one Vampino.

Kiwundo Ent C.E.O Vampino Elvis Kirya came out and announced that if he doesn’t get any coin from any politician then he will also not vote for any politician and the same goes to all his fans and followers. The “Siika Chapati” singer is one of the few musicians who didn’t get contracts from big politicians in order to be part of their campaign head stars.

It should be noted that Vampino has been a die-hard of the ruling party NRM since his childhood and if it was not for the case that he was in Germany for a tour the time ‘Tubonga Naawe’ song that praises President Museveni was released, I bet he would not miss being part. Since the campaigns started, so many musicians have been approached by different politicians and they are touring with them conducting rallies. During a one on one conversation Vampino revealed that if he is not paid to perform for any candidate then he doesn’t see anyone that worth his vote when they can’t apprentice his talent.

He also emphasized that whoever politician approaches the Kwekunyakunya singer, he/she will be guaranteed a win during the next big elections. “I’m not a politician, am an artist and am a bread winner, so I can campaign for anyone as long as I earn bread for my family..” jilted Vampino guaranteed. It should be remembered that Maurice Kirya the young brother to Vampino Kirya was not happy about a few musicians being selected out to represent the rest and he said that it’s better of all artists are appreciated.

”I have many followers and off course fans, remember if I don’t vote, they will not vote also, and if I vote for a candidate, they will follow suite as a must because they believe in me’’ commanding Vampino added. So if any politician out there is interested in the multi talented singer and dancer, they should hurry in order not to miss out on valuable votes as he promises a ‘sure win’ of the presidential candidate that will work with him.