Ignore them,Joel Isabirye advises Juliana


By Waiswa Brian

All is not well for every artiste that attended the Presidential dinner at Munyonyo as fans and public have come out to all that them in large numbers on every social media platform. But it was Juliana Kanyomozi who came out first among the artistes to the public to express why she attended the dinner. When she posted on her Facebook page she got so much negative criticism from insults to abuses from fans and after reading some comments on her post, Media guru Joel Isabirye gave her some advice as seen below;

My good friend juliana.i will offer advice punctuated with reflections now that sections of social media think they can bully a strong woman like you.before i give you the advice i will notify them that you and irene namubiru broke through the music industry at a time when it was not a joking subject.the courage required for that time is far more than the courage required to confront a group of virtual accounts throwing out attacks at you.i will now go to the points.the nature of those who oppose president museveni on line is as follows:1.they are fully aware that museveni cannot easily be defeated because through experience he has known both the social, economic and political work that is done to satisfy his electorate and at the same time lead to victory in elections.so the new strategy is that they work on his supporters to weaken them.in spite of the tirades of abuse they will shower on you and like minded people they will not go to a rally and do the same in front of him.because his guards could show an example on such misbehavior. 2.they have coined a cliché called tax payers money to refer to every expense that museveni makes (even when he buys a gift for his immediate family from the money he gets from the meat or milk he sells from his farms) forgetting that also his national resistance movement (nrm) party has a treasurer whose job is to fundraise for political activities such as campaigns and indeed there is evidence that the party has many contributors who however prefer to keep quiet because their objective is to support their party and they keep it so.when they talk of tax payers money they also try to impute that they are the only one who pays tax yet you and everyone else who supports museveni also pays tax.in fact one time i thought of writing to ura to tell them to allow museveni to use my tax contributions as he feels like if the social media opposition continues to throw around the word tax payers money recklessly and without restraint.lol.i have paid taxes since i started shopping for soda at the school canteen when i was in senior one.3.they also use the term bribery to make you and museveni look immoral.the word bribery is used in substitute for even statutory donations that the presidency by law is allowed to give to communities say for the construction of a library.the word bribery is applied in a way that is meant to make you look like someone who should be subject to a commission of inquiry the type of lady justice catherine bamugereire.it is a tool of propaganda and it is applied on anyone who they remotely suspect supports museveni (not even those they prove) just to taint you.i also want to add and i am also sad that I have to disclose something that was given to me in confidence but the late paddy bitama told me before he passed on that he was expecting 500 million shillings from a politician who he was strongly supporting in exchange for his support.the politician he claimed had received the money but for some reason was not fulfilling his promise.i do not know if that hastened paddy’s death but all he told me was he wanted to use that money to expand the activities of his newly founded amazon family when he left amarula family for a shortwhile before returning to the group.in fact he booked adverts for one of his shows at aero beach i think (in the december of one year) at a radio station where i was a consultant and he paid half but failed to pay the balance because first the show flopped he advertised for a short time and the 500m he was expecting did not come.i paid his balance quietly.afande kere kere was one of those advertised and he can testify that such a show was done.if one person was supposed to get 500m from an opposition politician in exchange for support, that in the lens of the social media opposition is not a bribe.it was perhaps a gift.i do not blame paddy nor do i blame the politician but i am quick to underscore double standards when i see them.if paddy whose support i didn’t think was more valuable than others who have full constituencies behind them how much were the others meant to get for such support that is financed from elsewhere.what they get is none of my business.but i would be more interested in the double standards. 4.they used to use the word rig elections but somehow they have stopped but i used to see it all over the place.lol over time i have studied the opposition closely and also paid closer attention to museveni and his activities after realizing that if you think critically using the methods of logic you get to see many holes in his critics points of view.that does not mean museveni has no flaws but if you are to just follow what those opposed to him say you are likely to be like an animal chasing its tail.you need to check whether it is the tail you are really chasing or a meaningful object.to make one point clear.one of the weaknesses of the opposition is they concentrate on rallies.if i was an opposition politician i would ask those donors to help me use half of the money they give me to at least set up one tangible development project in one part of the country at least each year so that i show practically that i am rehearsing for what i will do if i one day become president.but that is not the case.one advantage museveni has and i have seen it in research is the people say he is not a gamble.but everyone else who stands against him is someone that they would at least be gambling with for at least a year after he takes office.and they claim that that is one reason they would not risk to abandon him.of course there can be arguments on that issue but that is what those who say they will vote for him reveal in the research data.lastly to get abused by the social media opposition you do not need to say you support museveni.you just need to say that today museveni’s clothes are so well pressed (ironed) he looks smart and they will say you have been bribed with tax payer’s money.ask james onen (fat boy),andrew mwenda and others.those have never been supporters of museveni as far as i know.they are just people who grew older and became balanced in criticism.for the pluses they have given to museveni there have been attempts to ostracize them.they are living testimonies of the vehemence of the social media opposition which is interestingly an intellectual group.for me i now enjoy making fun of their wild claims.it is a stress buster as i see them roll over with the ridiculous claims.never have i ever enjoyed such drama since i first studied the miser by moliere, and the school for scandal by richard sheridan two plays which made my high school teacher of literature almost send me out of class on various occasions for laughing at the ridiculous as it was studied yet seriously.do one thing go about your life.do what you have to do on a daily basis.if president museveni calls you to perform at his rally.simply send your manager with your invoice.get paid (because he knows your occupation is music and it is with which he knows you live your daily life, meet your needs, look after your family and invest). besides that if you support president museveni there is nothing in the constitution of the republic of Uganda (1995) and all its subsequent amendments that says it is a crime for a musician to support a politician.museveni notwithstanding