Is Pastor Bugembe ‘indirectly’ attacking Pastor Yiga !!!


By our writer

Its not everyday that Pastor Wilson Bugembe posts such long bible quotes, with news stories making rounds about Pastor Yiga infecting a deadly disease and abandoning his former Wife, Pastor Yiga’s ABS TV at one time aired Maggie Kayima’s (Pastor Yiga ex-lover) nudity on TV something that prompted Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to ban the program for months amidst attacks from other religious leaders and city pastors. For several years, Pastor Bugembe has been against Pastor Yiga’s preaching of the gospel; like returning back the curses ( Abizzanyo).

On his Facebook account, Pastor Bugembe posted a long status with biblical quotes, what caught our attention was how he ended it with, “This is from my heart. I love u All”. Is this an indirect attack on Pastor Yiga or ???.

This was his post a few hours back;

Don‬‘t just follow follow. There are so many churches. So many “men of God”, it gets confusing. Its not like back in the days. Things have changed. The devil putting on a white robe doesn’t make him an angel.
The love of miracles is causing many fall away from faith. Who is right ? Who is from God and who is not from God? You need to be sober. Let us be awake and not sleep like others (1 Thessalonians 5:6)

My heart cries out for people who thought they saw the light yet they saw something similar to light.
For such, someone still in darkness is better because he will one day find light. Finding‬ a true Church in our days is a miracle. There is a place for Jacob where the heaven opens.(Genesis 28:10). Child‬ of God, Not every church is your church. Not every ‘man of God’ is your man of God. Have spiritual ANTENNA. When you go to a new church.
First thing to do, find PEACE, PEACE that surpasses human understanding. peace that goes beyond a good choir, a big name of the pastor/prophet.

This thing of “everybody goes there”. You are Not everybody. Miciah was slapped because he was standing for the truth. (1 Kings 22:24)
Have a spiritual ANTENNA before you buy anything, join anything. There is a place where Moses was fixed.(burning bush) not every place fixes Moses.
If you found a true church. Don’t be quick to leave. May the lord give a spirit of discernment like Paul had when he drove out a demon from a girl who looked like she was ‘godly’

Life is about making choices. Good choices will cause your heart to rejoice while Wrong choices can cause damage in the long run. May you be sober and may you make right choices in Jesus name.

“Dont‬ just follow follow.This is from my heart. I love u All”