“Journalism is not a crime”,NBS TV’s Bahati Remmy vows to drag Police to court


By staff writer

Another NBS TV journalist was arrested while presenting live,Bahati Remmy was roughed up and bundled into a tinted police van outside Kizza Besigye’s home.While appearing on TRT World in Istanbul, Turkey,Remmy revealed that Police held of her and the Camera man, took them at Kasangati Police station where they were detained for more than 6 hours. Narrating her story to all international media houses including BBC and Huffingtonpost. Now, she’s not stopping there. Remmy has said she’s going to file a case with the Uganda Human Rights Commission.

NBS TV’s Bahati revealed police assaulted her together with Ingrid Turinawe, foddled her breasts and touched her inappropriately. This is a good step, Remmy, and like you say, journalism is indeed not a crime. It’s a “public good”.