Kato Lubwama gets financial advisors ahead of Honourable duties in 10th parliament.


By our writer

Comedian Kato Lubwama, the now Honourable member of Parliament elect for Rubaga South constituency has reportedly requested for the services of financial advisors ahead of a huge earning in the tenth parliament Parliamentary members are accustomed to over one hundred and twenty million shillings in the name of acquiring new rides not forgetting a big salary over twenty five million shillings and to a man who was used to earning in thousands at his Royal Theater, managing these huge earnings will need alot accountability.

Kato Lubwama was seen engaging in a secret meeting with Meddie Nsereko, a close friend and matters discussed where deliberately financial Whether he will keep on doing his comedy as a honourable member of parliament is however still unknown though he revealed that he might still work at Buganda’s CBS radio station.Off the press,a comedy rumor has been making rounds that each time his wife calls him honurable he faints,Comedian Kato Lubwama is still in shock after defeating Incumbent Ken Lukyamuzi.