Keitesi T-shirts Are Available Now


By Elijah Mutabuza


The most waited for and the concert of the year Keitesi Album Launch that has over six tunes by Western Uganda’s biggest Dancehall Super Girl Shine Omukiga is around the corner and knocking doors as it is scheduled to take place on the 21st of November this Saturday at Club The Heat in the heart of Mbarara.

The good news in this is that the Keitesi T-shirts are already out and available for the fans. Each goes for 20k in any color you want it in. Remember they are to be collected from The Heat club before the real day or even on the real day. But for us party animals it is always good to get the T-shirt early and you rock the show when you have donned it on and you are in the real class of Keitesi Album launch.

The concert will see many performances ranging from comedians to our big names on the music scene like Lillian Mbabazi and many more. Do not forget that tickets will go for 20k regular, 30k VIP and 50k VVIP.

We contacted Shine and she was all smiles as she put the T-shirt on ”am i not smart hahaha” She added that her fans should expect what they have never seen before in Mbarara.

Grab your T-shirt, get your own ticket, and be part of the Big Keitesi Family!! Me am out for one, are you going with me?