Kim Kardashian reveals why she can’t come to Africa


By Enewsug team.

Kim Kardahian is known for her famous good looks and curvy body that has attracted all top celebrities around America from Basketballers to Rappers. She is currently dating Kanye West and the couple is blessed with 1 kid and another one on the way.

The model was last Week approached by a Liquor Manufacturing Company to officiate the launch of their new drink,but she turned down the offer through her marketing manager but later decided to personally pass the hateful message as quoted My skin is too sexy to be on African soil”.  Even up to now the people of South Africa are annoyed at her arrogant comments as they seek on how to get at her.

Kim Kardashian rose to fame after releasing her sex tape with Singer Raj that it got views around the world giving them publicity of a lifetime though many people criticized it.