“Make up is for women not you”, Security guru takes on music critic Jenkins


After failing in music over the years, Jenkins Mukasa has went on and made a name for himself in the past years as a music critic on Dembe FM weekly show ‘Talk ‘Talk’ that airs every Saturday.

However, it appears he took on a wrong person this time round when he attacked events security guru, Okello Dixon also known as James Bond over his remarks concerning good events managers.


A seemingly angry and irritated Dixon Okello took it on social media as he was quoted saying, “This goes to you Jenkins Mukasa,We in the entertainment industry, all know that you are a failed artiste, biased music critic and never has facts about the latest trends in the industry.All you do,is to talk nonsense on Radio and speak in parables like the old fake prophets in the Bible. Attacking and abusing me on social media for giving out my own opinion about the top events managers in the country, won’t make you popular.Simply come out with your own opinion. Don’t dare me expose you, because you will become a national pariah. Honestly,smoking weed and wearing more makeup than ladies of the night,has made some people social outcasts.”

Even up to now,Jenkins hasn’t come out to comment back after Dixon’s venomous reply.