Mathew and Eleanor Nabwiso Celebrate 2nd anniversary


By Waiswa Brian

On this day 19th October 2013,Mathew and Eleanor got married  after acting together in The Hostel series that run on NTV and now they are happy parents of 2 kids in their 2 years marriage. As far as you know men’ its always Eleanor with the great memories of the wedding as she posts on every anniversary, last year she posted “Happy anniversary my husband,doctor,father of my children thanx for loving me and making me the new woman I am today.. May God keep us growing strong. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

And today as usual she couldn’t miss sharing her wedding memories when i spoke to her “Happy anniversary to us,all glory and honor to God cause i got a wonderful friend,husband in Mathew as also God blessed us with 2 gorgeous kids“  We wish a lovely everlasting marriage the Nabwisos.