MC KATS letting out his HIV/AID status without our know-how was so selfish of him-Fille Mutoni


By Our Reporter

Ugandan singer Fille Mutoni has Finally spoken out on how she and her family reacted after they received news that her ex hubby and baby daddy Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats was HIV positive. Kats revealed that he was fighting the deadly virus around December last year, much to the shock of his fans and followers. 

However, it more than shock for his close relatives and Fille herself. It was utter heartbreak that made most of them break down in tears.

Fille while appearing on “The Chatroom”, a show hosted by Karitas on NBS TV revealed that her mother cried several times and asked her never to go back to Kats since she deserved better than a sick and abusive husband.

“Mum broke down several times and advised me to move on since I deserved better,” singer Fille revealed.

Fille And Kats were always in the news for all the wrong reasons with the couple having open fights in bars due to Kats’ unfaithful behavior.