Meet Price Kiid: Another Music Wizard on the fast rise in Uganda


Profile: Meet Uganda’s next Music Icon Price Kiid ..

He was Born Mukelo Merveille in the DRC on 16/10/1997.

At his young age, he has managed to break a few records in Trump’s land and the sky is only the limit to him.

In Uganda, music critics have it that with his well produced songs and high definition million dollar videos, he’s promising and a threat to the big guns.

Early life
At the age of 2 his parents divorced and his dad him and his elder brother moved to Kampala.

While in Kampala He used to watch his uncle do live shows with his band at Sabrinas every weekend, however this was not the time Price Kiid found his inspiration in making music.

Life Later became a bit harder for their single Dad to afford living with his two sons in the city and they had to relocate to a refugee camp in hoima district called Kyangwali before it became Kikube District.

At the age of 7, he started performing in the church choir with other kids however it didn’t last because both his dad and brother were against it .

Musical Inspiration

He’s musical inspirations started after P7 when his Dad bought him a radio set.

“This is when i started listening to mostly mainstream music and fell in love with the music’. he says.

Listening to people like Gift ov Kaddo, Micheal Ross, Allan Toniks made him fall in love with Urban RnB and Pop music.

internationally, Chris Brown and other American Artists also inspired him to hit the recording booth and shaped his sound of today.

Elder brother didn’t want him to Sing

In S2 he started having intentions of performing at school parties but couldn’t because the elder brother could not tolerate it at all.

‘As soon as he graduated, I felt relieved so i started performing at school parties with my best friend. Says Price Kiid.

He’s dream comes true in the US.

Price Kiid says that it was not until he came to the United States that He started taking music serious.

“Early 2016 i booked my first ever studio session and recorded a track titled “i won’t leave you”.

It was a collaboration with another African immigrant friend i had met in the US.

At this point, his singing abilities were not good at all but due to love and passion for music he didn’t stop.

This gave him more experience and had him experiment quite a number of Genres like R&B,Hip Hop, Pop and Afrobeat.

To this day He is always looking to try something new and different.

New Projects
I have a new video out already called ‘Gadda’ and it’s what am promoting hard.check out the sing;

It’s one of those feel good songs that i decided to release and the video was shot in the US.

It’s on all music platforms like my official YouTube channel and main stream media.

But before this, I’ve had a mix tape and a few other singles but with time, am hoping to release an album with out a doubt.